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I wanted to tell stories before I knew how to write them.

When I was four, I begged my mother to sit down with a notepad and write my stories for me. She was washing the dishes one day when I skipped over with the notepad in my hands.

“Why don’t you try writing your own story?” she asked me.

“I don’t know how to make the words,” I rolled my eyes.

She sighed. “Words aren’t the only way.”

As a brand storyteller, I sit down with entrepreneurs who are passionate about their work, but hesitant about their words. Together, through interviews and rough drafts, we create digital content that captures the voice, style, and passion of their business.

“Words aren’t the only way.”

My clients begin by telling me why they do what they do. We begin with a story and the websites, the blogs, and the social media posts bloom from the “why.”

Let me help you share your “why” with others.